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Friendly 8 potlucks 2019

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Greeting Friends! It is time to sign up to participate in the Friendly *’s Potluck for this February and March!!

What: The “Friendly 8’s” format of gathering  is a tradition of many Quaker Meetings, where those who sign up to participate get randomly assigned to a small group of Friends who then meet at one of the members of  the groups (the hosts)  house for  a potluck meal and fellowship some time during the month of February! Then at the end of February everyone who signed up, will then be randomly reassigned to a different small group for a pot luck and fellowship some time during the month of March.  The size of the group is traditionally 8 people, though we have not always strictly kept to this number.
This has always been a lovely opportunity for all members and attenders to build friendship and community regardless of how long you have been coming to Frederick Friends Meeting or how well you feel you know other community members. You do not have to be able to host the potluck to sign up for Friendly 8’s however those willing to host need to state that they can when signing up. I will have the groups of 8 formed by Saturday February 2nd and will email everyone with there group assignment with the host identified! It will then be up to the host to contact everyone in their group to set up a date and time of their pot luck.   
  • Children of families are welcome to be included in the pot luck gatherings! It is helpful to include ages of young children when signing up!
  • It is possible to sign up for just one month of Friendly 8’s, just include which month you can participate in the information when you sign up. Of course it is great when you can participate in both months!
  • If you can host, that’s fantastic. If you can only host one month, state which month you can host. If there is a restriction to the size of the group you can host please let me know, then we can make sure that the numbers of your group don’t exceed 8.
  • If you are a part of a couple where only one of you attends Quaker Meeting, this is a great time to invite your non attending partner to join in! We all love to get to know family too!
  • It is important to include contact information when you sign up. Phone #’s are great for back up contacts, but emails will be used for planning unless specifically requested!
  • Once your group has been formed, please remember to inform the group of any dietary restrictions.
How:  Send an email to Karen Lockett by February 1st.       
          There is a Friendly 8’s sign up sheet on the kitchen table in the meeting house, but the best way to sign up is by email.
  Information needed when signing up! With example;
         Names :  3 Locketts, Karen, Stephen and Julia (adult daughter)
         Months:  For Both February and March 
         Host ?: Yes, can host both months.
         email and phone number
Looking forward to hearing form everyone!