Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
A Monthly Meeting that is part of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

2014 Third Month

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Minutes Details: 

Present: Bob Kaeiser, Tina Mercier, Carol Crawford, Mary Klos - Clerk

Announcements: Friends General Conference will be held June 29 to July 5 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can get more information from Carol Crawford, or the FGC Website,

Treasurer's Report: All bills are paid and our finances are "in good shape".

Ministry and Nurture Report: Sheila Thomas has resigned as Clerk, two months early. Mary Klos had been approved to start as the new Clerk in May, but will start in March instead. While Sheila will not be attending Meeting for Worship or Meeting for Business with us anymore, she still wants to stay in touch and has offered to continue hosting our potluck evenings in her home. We thank Sheila for this hospitality, and for the work she has done as our Clerk over the last two years.

State of Society Report: Northern Yearly Meeting's Advancement and Outreach Committee has asked us to submit our State of Society Report by May 1. Carol Crawford will lead a State of Society discussion instead of Faith & Practice on April 6 at 10:00 a.m. before Meeting for Worship. The discussion will be the foundation of our report. Suggested queries include:

1. What is vital & living in your meeting?

2. What gifts are arising in your meeting?

3. What growing edges do you have? What is helping them grow or stretch?

Outreach: We agreed to place a $60 ad in the Green Bay Boy and Girl Choirs' 2014 Program to make our presence more known in the community. This ad placement also supports Nevaeh Hopman's participation in the Choir. Neveah is our youngest attender and we look forward to enjoying her concerts. (The concert schedule can be found at Tina Mercier will make the arrangements for the ad.

Mauthe Center Activities: Hung Nguyen, Mauthe Center Director, has contacted us about developing a deeper relationship between the Center and our Meeting. He mentioned two opportunities:

1. Facilitating small group discussions at the "Millenials Ministering to Millenials" conference on April 26 which is focusing on getting young adults involved in faith communities.

2. Participating in their planning meetings each Thursday.

We affirmed our interest in doing more with the Mauthe Center in the future. Carol Crawford will continue discussions with them to learn more. Anyone interested in participating in either of these activities should let Carol know.

Potluck Discussions: We happily accepted Sheila Thomas's offer to host potluck discussions for the next few months. Gathering begins at 5:30 with a meal at 6:00 and discussion at 7:00. Dates and topics were discussed, leading to the following schedule:

Friday, April 18 - Discussion of Sheila Thomas's book "The Fountain of Forgetfulness" (available at Amazon or

Friday, May 16 - Discussion of WISDOM's publication "Voices From Inside: Wisconsin Prisoners Speak Out" (Bob Kaeiser will get some additional copies for the Meeting library)

FCNL Priorities: Bob Kaeiser reported that Friends Committee for National Legislation is once again asking us to prioritize the issues they are working on. We worked on this as a group last year. Mary Klos will send out our priority list from last year. If anyone feels changes should be made for this year, they can talk to Bob about it before April 15.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Klos, Clerk