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Feb 26 Meeting For Learning - How do we bring Quaker Process Into the World?

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Query: How do we bring Quaker process into the world?

Last month we discussed Quaker process as it relates to how we conduct the affairs of Monthly Meeting. A Friend raised the question “how do we bring this into the world?” The sense of those gathered this would be a good topic for discussion for this month’s meeting.

One way to consider this query might the to reflect on our Quaker Testimonies. Frends define testimony as “an outward expression of an inward leading of the Spirit, or an outward sign of what Friends believe to be an inward revelation of truth.”  There are various acronyms for remembering some of the basic Quaker testimonies. One of the more well-known is “SPICES” for Simplicity Peace Integrity Community Equality Stewardship (or sometimes, Service or Sustainability).

Shared here are two articles that may provide seeds for our discussion.

The first article is a copy of a blog posting by Danny Coleman titled “The Quaker Testimony of Equality”.
This article provides a historical examination of how the early Quaker’s belief that there is there is that of God in everyone was radically different from then dominate Calvinist view of human’s relationship to God. Mr. Coleman describes himself as a “Contemplative Progressive Christian Quaker Theologian” and is the author of a book called “Presence and Practice”. Coleman uses Christian language in his writing. A copy of this article is attached to this email. This article can also be found on-line at:

The second document is a pamphlet published by the American Friends Service Committee titled “An Introduction to the Quaker Testimonies”.  This pamphlet outlines several of the widely-accepted Quaker Testimonies and poses queries individuals might consider regarding how they might manifest these testimonies in their lives. This pamphlet is too big to be attached to this email, but it is available for download at:

Friends can find more information about The American Friends Service Committee online at:

I will bring a few hard copies of both articles to our meeting.

Thanks and I look forward to our discussion.
Tom Vosburg


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