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Youth Statement

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We asked the middle school/ highschool youth group what they thought should go on our website and here is some of what they said:

“Farmington Friends is an open, welcoming, inclusive community where we welcome all kinds of people and appreciate diversity. Many of us are Christian, but you don’t have to be a Christian to be part of our community—actually you don’t have to be sure about what you believe. We welcome people who are still seeking and trying to figure out what they believe and where they stand.

We are a family—in the best possible way! We really care about one another and everyone is honestly interested in your life. When you come to Farmington Friends, be ready for a BIG welcome! Everyone loves to talk and greet one another and everyone is really friendly. We don’t care what you look like or what you are wearing (go ahead and come in jeans!)—we will love you just as you are.

We are Quakers so we believe that everyone has a direct connection to God, everyone has a voice and everyone is equally able to interpret scripture. Most of us don’t read the Bible literally—we look for what it might be teaching us about morals and God and life. We don’t believe in judging anyone. Our faith is really relevant to our personal lives. We come to church because we want to be at church and we feel like that is true for everyone. Everyone is at church on Sunday because they really want to be there and be part of the community. We laugh a lot in church and we aren’t uptight.

When you come to Farmington Friends be ready for things to be a little different. We don’t have any crosses or stained glass windows in our worship space and we don’t clap after the choir sings and we don’t do communion. We have a lot of silence in our worship so that we can all get a chance to pray and connect directly with God. All of the children of the Meeting stay in worship for the whole service. Really, the most important thing that we want to say about Farmington Friends is that we are welcoming and accepting!”