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We are a community that celebrates diversity. As Quakers, we do not have a creed or a doctrine, so there are many beliefs, backgrounds and experiences represented at Farmington Friends. This diversity is part of what makes us strong. Most of the members of Farmington Friends consider themselves Christian. As Quakers, most of us believe in simplicity, equality, peace and integrity which are traditional Quaker “Testimonies.” We have a different interpretation of the word “sacrament” and do not practice water baptism or traditional communion. Worship is conducted without liturgy or fixed ritual. During our programmed worship service we pray and sing together, there is a scripture reading, a sermon, and a period of silent worship.

We are a welcoming community. We are called to strive for peace and justice in our world and to work against forms of oppression such as: racism, sexism and homophobia. We also take seriously our responsibility to care for one another and feed the hungry and shelter the abandoned. We affirm the power of God’s Love and we try to live in such a way that we are representations of that Love. We believe that everyone has equal access to God and that no one person can be the arbiter of God’s Grace. Although we have a pastor, we believe that all are ministers of God.  We believe that every human being has “That of God Within” and we are all guided by this “Inner Light.”  Each person is connected to the Divine. We are a people with a simple but powerful faith.