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Honduras: Dreams for a Sovereign Homeland in the Shadow of Loss

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Looking at causes of poverty, violence and displacement that force migration.

 Seventy-five leaders from communities of diverse faiths spent eight days in Honduras in late-March to look at the root causes of migration.  Among the thousands of refugees fleeing in the caravans, most are Hondurans.  It is over two thousand miles from Honduras to the border in El Paso, Texas.  Many are mothers with children.  They depend on the good will of the communities they travel through to provide food and water along the way.  Most are fleeing situations related to extreme poverty. Their hope is to gain asylum in the United States that they might attain work and be able to provide for their families.  They are also fleeing from violence.  Corruption in Honduras is rampant.  Security forces and military protect the interests of political elites and multinational companies that exploit the land and the people, and in some cases, the gangs as well.  Women and children are robbed of voice and power in the machismo culture of Honduras.  Activism on behalf of human rights and the environment is criminalized. While there are nine million Hondurans, over two million have fled Honduras.

What fuels the poverty, violence and displacement in Honduras?  What does the people of Honduras need from us?

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