New Books at the Birmingham Friends Library April 2018

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Funk, Robert W., The Five Gospels, What Did Jesus Really Say?, 1996, Gift Book

By & About Quakers:

FCNL, The World We Seek, 2013, Gift of Haverford Monthly Meeting

Quaker History:

Braceland, Linda, Loving Communities; Photographs by Linda Braceland, 2017, Inscribed copy, Gift of the author

Quaker Religious Thought, March #130
The Birmingham Library has begun a subscription to Quaker Religious Thought; the latest issue will be found on the new bookshelf. The focus of QRT, a publication of the Quaker Theological Discus-sion Group, published by George Fox University, is “to explore the meaning and implications of our Quaker faith and religious experience through discussion and publication. This search of unity in the claim of truth upon us concerns both the content and application of our faith.” Issues of this publica-tion will arrive semi-annually.

This issue contains the following articles: Anthony Benezet’s Revolutionary Rhetoric: Slavery and Sen-timentalism in Quaker Political Remonstrance by Jon R. Kershner; After Same-Sex Marriage: Emerging Quaker Perspectives on Further Questions about Sexuality and Gender by Rhiannon Grant, Beyond the Bureaucracy: the True and Proper purpose of Quaker Yearly Meetings in the 21st Century, Robin Mohr; and book reviews: Coleman, Daniel P., Presence and Process; a Path Toward Transformative Faith and Inclusive Community by Jeffrey Dudiak and Johnson, David, Jesus, Christ and Servant of God : Meditations on the Gospel According to John by Lorraine Watson.

Topics of Interest to Friends:

Buck, Pearl S., Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, 2017, Gift Book

Clairborne, Shane, Executing Grace, how the death penalty killed Jesus and why it’s killing us, 2016, Gift Book