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Baltimore Yearly Meeting Annual Session 2014

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Report on 343rd Annual Session of Baltimore Yearly Meeting

August 4 – August 10, 2014

“Transformation and Healing” was the theme for this year’s Annual Session at Frostburg State University. Fourteen adults and six children from, or associated with, our Meeting attended for part or all of the week: Karen Daniel, with her children Alex, Charlotte, and Sara; Kat Darnell; Olivia Evans; Kathy Funkhouser; David Hunter; Carlotta Joyner; Jane Megginson; Betsy and Greg Tobin; Helen Tasker; Jim Wagner; and Randy and Francy Williams, with their daughter Nancy Funk and grandchildren Adam, Sarah, and Sophia.

We were enriched by intergenerational activities, plenary sessions, workshops, and meeting for worship with a concern for business. Two matters were referred to Meetings for discernment: (1) a minute from the Unity with Nature Committee on Right Relationship with Creation and (2) recommendations from the BYM Ad Hoc Vision Implementation Committee. Once the epistle, minutes, and other reports are available, we will let our Meeting know with a listserv message and postings on our website.

Annual Session benefited from the work of several of our Friends. Helen Tasker served as Recording Clerk, Kathy Funkhouser and Randy Williams worked with Junior Yearly Meeting, and Kat Darnell worked in the bookstore and with Junior Young Friends.

Frederick Friends are also involved with BYM activities throughout the year. Two members are BYM office staff: David Hunter (Camp Property Manager) and Jane Megginson (Camp Program Manager). Others serve on BYM committees or are appointed by BYM as representatives to affiliated organizations throughout the year.

  • Yearly Meeting Recording Clerk, Helen Tasker
  • Camp Property Management Committee, Kathy Funkhouser and Nick Funkhouser
  • Nominating Committee, Betsy Tobin
  • Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Annette Breiling
  • Stewardship and Finance Committee, Hank Rupprecht
  • Trustees, Greg Tobin
  • Unity with Nature Committee, Jim Wagner
  • Friends House and Nursing Home Board of Trustees, Carlotta Joyner and Francy Williams

If you would like more information about these or other BYM committees, talk with Betsy Tobin, who may be able to “make your dream come true.”

Respectfully submitted,

Carlotta Joyner, Clerk of Meeting (with input from others who were present)