West Newton Friends Meeting

6800 S. Mooresville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN

Wheelchair Accessible Gender Neutral Bathrooms ADA Compliant Bathrooms
Adult Programming

Worship Times

spring & summer & fall & winter

  • Every Week
  • Sunday/First Day

Worship Time Details

Our meeting for worship is what Quakers call semi-programmed. We have no pastor or liturgy. We members take turns leading worship on a week to week basis, trusting the Holy Spirit to lead us. We have music songs, we hear each others’ joys and concerns, we pray for each other and for wider concerns, someone gives a brief meditation, and we spend time in silent worship listening for God to speak to our hearts and souls. In that portion of worship, we sit quietly expecting that God will speak directly to us as we put away the “stuff” of everyday life. Often God will speak to an attender (or more than one) who will then share that message with the rest of us. It’s a wonderful, deep experience.

First Day School


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