Norristown Friends Meeting

It is difficult to write a description of Friends beliefs that would be acceptable to all the Quakers in the world today. Quakers all share common roots in a Christian movement that arose in England in the middle of the 17th Century. Today, it is generally true that Friends still adhere to certain essential principles:

  • a belief in the possibility of direct, unmediated communion with the Divine (historically expressed by George Fox in the statement, "Christ is come to teach his people himself"); and
  • a commitment to living lives that outwardly attest to this inward experience.


What's New

Event Date: 
06/25/2017 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Please join us for Worship at Upper Providence Meetinghouse on the last First Day of June (June 25) at 3:30 PM. All are welcome. 

The address is:

807 Black Rock Rd

Collegeville, PA 19426

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Event Date: 
06/11/2017 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm

GEM day is a potluck brunch that occurs at the rise of Meeting for worship each month, on the second First Day. Feel free to bring something to share. All are welcome.


PYM Continuing Sessions -Saturday, March 25
12:30 – 9:15 p.m.
Arch Street Meeting House,320 Arch Street 

April16 Easter worship @ Upper Providence Meetinghouse , 8am, followed by Breakfast at Norristown Meeting.

May 7, 2017       Abington Quarterly Meeting 

@ Abington monthly meeting



Thanks to Kelly Green for capturing this beautiful picture of our Meetinghouse blanketed with snow.


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The archives of Providence Meeting were a class project led by Mildred Gillam in 1974


Worship with us!

610 279-3765
20 E. Jacoby Street
Norristown, PA 19401
United States
Upper Providence Meetinghouse
807 Black Rock Rd
Oaks, PA 19426
United States
Mailing address for NMM or UPMH:
Box 823
Norristown, PA 19403-0823
United States
Meeting Times: 

Meeting for Worship
Each First day from 10-11 am

2nd first day after meeting for worship we have a potluck lunch ,  Greeting and Eating at Meeting.

3rd First day following meeting for worship we atttend to our Monthly meeting's for worship for business.

At Norristown Friends meeting.

All are welcome!


2. Meeting for Business

  • Is our meeting for business held in the spirit of a meeting for worship in which we seek divine guidance?
  • Are we careful to keep in the spirit of worship each of the concerns that emerge, whether of nurture, of Spirit, of social concerns, of property, or of finance?
  • Are Meeting decisions directed by prayerful consideration of all aspects of an issue and are difficult problems considered carefully with patient search for truth, unhurried by the pressures of time?
  • How do we respond if we notice the meeting has lost an understanding of the presence of God?
  • Do we recognize that we speak through our inaction as well as our action?
  • Do I regularly attend meeting for business and in a spirit of love and unity? If unable to attend, how do I attend to my responsibility?
  • Do I consider prayerfully the many concerns that are lifted up on any issue, acknowledging that the search for truth in unity involves what God requires, being open to personal transformation as the community arrives at the sense of the meeting?