New Brunswick Friends Meeting (NYYM)

An Invitation

The Religious Society of Friends (or Quakers) is a spiritual community with a centuries-long history of working for peace, equality, freedom of conscience, and an end to slavery both past and current. We welcome you to worship with us, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religious background.

Maybe you’re not quite sure what you believe. Maybe you are, but don’t feel like there’s a name for it. Maybe you come from an interfaith family and don’t want to choose sides. Perhaps you feel unsafe in your community because of who you are or what you stand for. Maybe you just don’t have a house of worship nearby and would like a place where you can deepen your faith. Or maybe you’re looking for something new. Quakers are historically a Christian denomination, but our goal is to deepen your faith, not replace it.

While Friends do not have any creedal statement, a central unifying concept for Quakers is the image of a spark of the Divine within all people. Quakers express this in phrases like the “inner light”, “that of God within us”, or the “inner Christ”. The belief in this unifying presence has led Quakers to be concerned about social justice. It has also led us to strive for peaceful resolution to all conflicts.

A Quaker meeting is a period of meditative worship combining expectant silence and spoken words. There is no spiritual leader and no pre-arranged program. Each attender helps to determine the depth of our worship as a group.

Whether you are looking for a new spiritual home or another place to worship, we invite you to work and pray with us.


September 22   4:30 - 7:00 Serving dinner at Elijah's Promise

September 24   9:15 Discussion for seekers on meeting membership

                               10:30 Meeting for Worship

                               12:00 Discussion on the proposed Franklin gas compressor station and

                                        pipeline expansion

October 1         9:15 Discussion led by Mary Anne Allard

                       10:30 Meeting for Worship

                       12:00 Pot Luck Lunch

October 8         9:15 Discussion led by Jeff Aaron

                       10:30 Meeting for Worship

                       2:00 Evie Bird Memorial

October 15       9:15 Discussion led by Keith Voos

                      10:30 Meeting for Worship followed by meeting for business

October 21      Budget Saturday at Purchase NY meeting

October 22      9:15 Discussion led by Mary Anne Allard

                      10:30 Meeting for Worship

October 27      4:00 - 7:00 Serving dinner at Elijah's promise

October 29      9:15 Discussion led by Doug Way

                      10:30 Meeting for Worship

November 4    QuED (Quaker Education) talks hosted by NBMM

November 10-12  NYYM Fall Sessions at Caldwell NJ

Worship with us!

New Brunswick Quaker Meeting House
109 Nichol Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
United States
Meeting Times: 


Discussion 9:15 AM

Worship 10:30 AM

Parking available behind the LIttle Theater across Nichol Ave from the meetinghouse.

The meeting house is fully wheelchair accessible.