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Welcome to Miami Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, known to most people as Quakers. Our faith and practices are based on the belief that every person has a divine spark, often called the Inner Light, which is available to guide us towards doing what is right. It is this basic belief that leads us to oppose war and to work actively for peace and justice.

In practice, we sit in silence in our meeting for worship until someone feels certain they have been given a divine message meant to be shared with everyone present. In a Friends meeting, there may be a wide range of ideas about the nature of divinity, names used, and sources of inspiration, including but not exclusively the Bible, the writings of George Fox, the man who started Quakerism, and other sacred texts and inspired contemporary writings.

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Myrtle Josephine Burke


August 8th, 1919 to October 23rd, 2017

Family Remembrances

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Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) wants everyone to know that mini-grants are available to Quaker meetings and partner organizations.


There is a new website called QUAKERS AND CLIMATE CHANGE WORLDWIDE ( which will serve as a portal for resources on climate change action. 

For more info see our resources page or visit the site directly where you can sign up for a newsletter.

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Many Quakers have felt led to take action in relation to climate change caused by human activities, recognising that it is a fundamental challenge facing humankind, and a symptom of our broken relationship with the Earth.


On Firstday (Sunday), May 15th Miami Friends Meeting approved the following statement:

Draft SEYM Statement on Climate Change and Environmental Protection

Faith statement on Care for the Earth

As follow up to the recent session on Care Giving, Yana Landowne sent us these resources including the "Seven Principles for Caregivers" that can be downloaded below.


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Firstday (Sunday)
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