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Image credit: Mike Lynch. Originally published by American Friends Service Committee. Used with permission.
  1. Read this interview, Ending Discrimination, with Niyonu Spann, Quaker activist.

    By Lucy Diuncan. Originally published by American Friends Service Committe, June 5, 2012. Used with permission.

  1. Questions for Reflection

    When did I make a decision to stand up for collective liberation and against racism (today, this week, this year)?

    Where was there pain and confusion in me today?

    Where did I feel joy today?

    How could I have been a better ally or upstander to people in situations of oppression different from my own?

    When did someone extend compassion and forgiveness to me today?

    What is my earliest memory about race? About my racial identity? Looking back, what early messages did I receive from family and larger circles about our group and other groups?  

    As I think about my racial identity, I notice the feelings that come up. Where in my body do my feelings arise? If that part of my body could speak, what would it say?

    What’s good about being my racial identity?

    What are the costs of my racial identity?

    As you pay attention to your own racial identity and the racist society we live in, consider taking a daily inventory: 

    How has my racial identity shown up today?

    What did I notice today that was a product of white supremacy? Did I notice anyone disrupt it?