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The Light, Seed, Christ Working In Us

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This topic invites you to explore the Quaker experience of spiritual transformation. Friends through the ages have believed that Spirit works to change us into women and men for whom the testimonies are more than ideas: that they actually become a way of daily life. The Light leads us experientially in becoming people who are peaceful, live simply, treat each person with dignity, and are more faithful. This transformative work comes not through our own efforts, but through the work of the Inner Teacher who leads, guides, and directs us.

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For Facilitators: 

Successful facilitation creates opportunities for everyone to share and moves the group toward deep connection. Use these resources to learn more about leading a group through meetings for spiritual deepening.

Find course guides, videos, and other resources to plan your group's journey, create an inclusive space, and manage your time together.

Access resources for facilitators.

The Light, Seed, Christ Working In Us Exercises

e.g. for an hour and a half, enter "90"


Readings for children that remind them that God is always with them to help them find their way.

We Friends believe that the Inner Christ is at work molding us via every experience that comes our way.

Ground your work in scripture. Quaker faith and practice can be compared and combined with a wide variety of other traditions such as Buddhism. But we will find our deepest and fullest reasonaces with the biblical Christian traditions that nurtured early Friends and with the Jewish traditions that nurtured Jesus.


Ground your work in the voices of Friends.

Friends from George Fox to Bayard Rustin have written about Quaker faith and practice. What have Friends shared with us across the centuries?

Learn from Friends near and far through video and podcasts. From informational histories, to instructional guides, to deep ministry, we can use these media to learn more and build community.

A query is a question for reflection. Queries can be used in worship sharing, discussions, or to prompt journaling or art activities. 


Activities like yoga, labyrinths, and mandalas are designed to help focus and calm the mind and body. Explore what happens in your mind and your body when you try simple yoga poses or use a finger labyrinth. 

30 minutes | All Ages | Newcomer Friendly

In this activity, you will go through the process of choosing a daily spiritual practice and trying your practice for a period of time.

30 minutes | High School and Up | Newcomer Friendly

Use music to come into closer relationship with God. 

15 minutes | All Ages | Newcomer Friendly

Listen to or sing this song as you wonder about the meaning. 

15 minutes | All Ages | Newcomer Friendly

This lesson uses the book This Little Light of Mine, illustrated by E.B. Lewis to celebrate the special Light we all have inside us.  We can make it shine in many different ways.

45 minutes | Preschool (ages 3-5) | Newcomer Friendly

Explore the courage it takes to seek and share forgiveness by reading The Forgiveness Garden, by Lauren Thompson.

45 minutes | All Ages | Newcomer Friendly

Explore what it means to make mistakes and ask for forgiveness by discussing the book Gershon’s Monster, by Eric Kimmel.

45 minutes | Elementary (ages 6-11) | Newcomer Friendly

This lesson uses the book Enemy Pie by Derek Munson to explore finding commonality and making friends.

45 minutes | Elementary (ages 6-11) | Newcomer Friendly

In this spiritual practice, you will review your daily life and invite Spirit to illuminate, teach, heal, and guide you.

30 minutes | Middle School and Up | Newcomer Friendly

In this activity, you will invite a prayerful listener to witness and share your inward spiritual journey.

30 minutes | High School and Up | Newcomer Friendly

In this activity, the Spiritual Deepening group members will come together to share their experiences after following daily spiritual practices for several weeks.

45 minutes | High School and Up | Newcomer Friendly


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