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The Spiritual Deepening Library


Welcome to the Spiritual Deepening Library

Quaker faith and practice began with a question:  "What canst thou say?"  400 years later, asking questions remains the essence of our faith.

The Spiritual Deepening Library invites newcomers, individuals, and meetings to explore the questions that transform lives and take them deeper in the life of the Spirit. The Spiritual Deepening Library offers resources, readings, queries, and activities that support spiritual exploration for individuals and small groups.

The Spiritual Deepening Library is a collection of exercises meant to deepen the life, worship, connection, and witness of individuals and meetings through the exploration of Quaker thought and practice, sharing and deep listening. The Library has materials for adults and children.

Library Contents

The Spiritual Deepening Library is a collection of resources, activities, exercises, and texts that support the processes of Grounding, Sharing, and Practicing. The materials were developed through a collaborative process involving Friends across diverse yearly meetings and backgrounds.

Grounding Materials invite participants to explore scripture and the transformative experiences of past and contemporary Friends to help us deepen our understanding of our Quaker roots and give context to Quaker practices and beliefs.  

Sharing Exercises are opportunities for deep listening and sharing in order to hear the Truth manifesting in others.

Practicing Exercises are communal and individual spiritual practices that encourage deep listening, individual reflection, and opportunities to live out new ways of encountering The Divine in our lives and in the world.

Guide for Facilitators provides tools and guidance for facilitating small groups in a spiritual deepening workshop or retreat. The Guide for Facilitators offers resources for creating connection and community, facilitating instead of teaching, and how to use the materials in the Spiritual Deepening Library with children and adults.

Visit the Meeting Resources page for ideas about how to use the Spiritual Deepening Library materials to go deeper in your meeting.

Exercise Search

Search the exercises according to the length of time each takes to complete, the suggested age range of participants, and whether an activity is newcomer friendly.

Spiritual Deepening for Children

Book lists, activities, and other resources can be found under each topic in the Library. Just click on any of the topics below!

You'll find suggestions and tips for leading deepening activities with children in the For Facilitators section.

Library Topics

Successful facilitation creates opportunities for everyone to share and moves the group toward deep connection. Use these resources to learn more about leading a group through meetings for spiritual deepening.

Growing old, even when that means facing physical or other changes, can help us focus on what is essential.

Grounding Exercises: 9
Sharing Exercises: 13
Practicing Exercises: 5

"Be patterns, be examples," advised George Fox. This topic explores how Quakers put faith into practice. 

Grounding Exercises: 5
Sharing Exercises: 8
Practicing Exercises: 6

This Spiritual Deepening Library topic is under construction.  Activities and resources will be available in Spring 2022. Join the Spiritual Deepening email list

Explore the practices of Friends, including discernment, Meeting for Worship with attention to business, worship sharing, and more.

Grounding Exercises: 6
Sharing Exercises: 7
Practicing Exercises: 13
For Facilitators Exercises: 1

Explore the experience of being led by the inner guide.

Grounding Exercises: 6
Sharing Exercises: 12
Practicing Exercises: 11

Many of us know that the Beloved Community is “not yet,” because we see the trauma of white supremacy and colonialism playing itself out across the globe. But can we co-create and Live Into Wholeness together?

Grounding Exercises: 5
Sharing Exercises: 11
Practicing Exercises: 4

Explore the Quaker experience of worship, silent waiting, and vocal ministry.

Grounding Exercises: 6
Sharing Exercises: 6
Practicing Exercises: 16

This Spiritual Deepening Library topic is under construction.  Activities and resources will be available in Spring 2022. Join the

Welcoming is not the work of one or two people at the door.  It takes a whole meeting to create a culture that is ready to attentively and joyfully bring newcomers into the fold of the community.  This Weaving a Wider Welcome topic offers you an o

Sharing Exercises: 10
Practicing Exercises: 7