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Resources for Children

Religious Education

Friends General Conference makes available resources for children's religious education.

Faith & Play(TM), created by Quakers, is a Montessori-inspired resource that helps children find words and images for expressing their experiences of holy mystery and wonder in their lives.

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In 1989 we began a new retreat program called Junior Yearly Meeting Elementary Retreats under the care of New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) for children in grades two through six.

Multiple Friends have expressed concerns in recent years about how many children and young people seem to have trouble making the transition from Young Friend (in First Day School) to Adult Friend (in meeting for worship, committee work, etc. ).

My “Friendly” outlook in writing this article is to look at the concept of multiple intelligences through the eyes of a Quaker and to consider possible applications in a First Day School setting.

A growing tension exists between our Quaker families and our culture of busyness and ‘round the clock scheduling. Caught between school sports and all of other choices that now exist on Sunday mornings, Quaker families often don’t prioritize meeting attendance.

Welcome to this opportunity to wonder with the young Friends in your meeting, to be a mentor and role model, and to join together as you search for the Inward Teacher available to all.

Teachers usually teach because they feel led to, and that they have real gifts and ministry to offer children and youth, are often missed. Other adults focus on their own needs that the teacher has filled which are likely NOT why someone has chosen to teach.

An Activity for Middle and/or High School Friends

The FGC Religious Education committee is encouraging Quaker religious educators to explore the many possible ways one can build a lesson around a single book.

This resource will help folks working on coordinating a weekend long retareat for Quaker youth.

Below are a collection of book reviews and lesson plans for children's first-day school.