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Deborah buying a book from Graham
Religious Education

QuakerBooks of FGC carries an extensive catalog of books for Quakers, Quaker meetings, and people interested in learning about Quakers. Visit our online catalog at

QuakerBooks provides literature and other resources for Friends and Friends’ meetings throughout North America and the world. We provide most of our literature via our website and mail order, but also through book tables to yearly and monthly meetings and through the Gathering Store at FGC’s annual Gathering of Friends.  We also operate a walk-in bookstore located at Pendle Hill Conference Center located at 338 Plush Mill Drive in Wallingford, PA. We are the only comprehensive Quaker bookstore in North America.  In addition, we carry all QuakerPress titles.

QuakerBooks also operates QuakerGifts. QuakerGifts carries fair trade goods for Friends, Quakers meetings, and others sympathetic to Quaker faith and practice. Purchases from QuakerGifts support FGC's mission while simulataneously supporting artisans in communities around the world.