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Their Gifts Are Making A Difference

A Year of Service through Giving

Friend Steve Lyrene followed a leading to offer a year of service through giving to FGC.  He postponed his retirement for a year beyond originally planned in order to give a large portion of his earnings during this extra year to Friends General Conference.  Read his article about the leading located at the bottom of this page.

Using Quaker Capital for Generations to Come

One FGC donor has been clear that his major gift to Friends General Conference is restricted expressly for our permanent endowment.  “I took a lifetime to build my assets and I want my Quaker capital to keep on giving for generations to come.”  His gift to the FGC endowment is invested, along with other FGC endowment funds, from which a modest percentage is harvested annually to help support FGC’s many programs and services for meetings, seekers, and Friends.

Major Gifts in the Stoking the Spiritual Fire of Quakerism Campaign

In October 2006, FGC launched the Stoking the Spiritual Fire of Quakerism Campaign.  Thanks to many, many donors—including several hundred who made gifts of $2,000 or more—FGC was able to raise $6.5 million for projects and programs such as Youth Ministries, Ministry on Racism, Quaker Quest, and much more.  The Final Tally of Gifts and the final Campaign Report are available below.