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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Database Associate

Paid Position


The FGC Database Associate serves as the Salesforce CRM Administrator for the organization, with support from an outside consultant. This is an entry-level position, with opportunities for training and expanded responsibility. This position includes routine customization and cleaning of the FGC Salesforce instance. It also includes regular data import and some data entry. The Associate is responsible for managing day-to-day relationships with technology consultants, and for writing checks within QuickBooks.

This position will be based in FGC's main office in Philadelphia.



• Familiarity with databases, either as an administrator or a user
• Platform-specific knowledge
• Familiar with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) as a user or administrator, as well as either:

a. 10 badges on (including 2 nonprofit-specific badges) OR
b. 6 months of Salesforce CRM experience

• Attention to detail
• Excitement about learning Salesforce CRM
• Ability to manage and prioritize tasks from multiple sources
• Understanding of how databases work
• Understanding of basic logic (and, or, if) for computer systems

Duties and Responsibilities:

Salesforce Specialist

  • Implement a plan which ensures that FGC databases are regularly and accurately synchronized with each other so that they correctly represent the organization.
  • Train new staff on basic Salesforce functionality.
  • Provide support to staff for basic Salesforce tasks and competencies.
  • Identify ways to customize Salesforce to continue to support FGC’s evolving structure and programming, working with FGC management and the Salesforce Consultant to evaluate and implement improvements.
  • Load new data into Salesforce from a variety of sources, ensuring accuracy and data integrity.
  • Manage permissions and backups.  Create and troubleshoot workflows and dashboards.  Create new fields.
  • Deduplicate constituent records within Salesforce.
  • Maintain a critical perspective on keeping Salesforce lean and functional, avoiding proliferations of fields or complex systems.
  • Develop and maintain integrations between form tool (currently FormAssembly) and Salesforce.

Development Support

  • Manage and maintain the accuracy of donor and donation information in FGC’s database, including entering gifts from a variety of sources and managing pledges.
  • Generate timely and accurate acknowledgements of donations, in accord with IRS regulations.
  • With the Development Manager, produce periodic statistical and analytical reports from Development Data.
  • Generate mailing labels or mailing lists as requested by Development or program staff.

Maintain Relationships with Tech Vendors

  • Maintain the week-by-week relationships with a series of consultants and firms that provide technical support to FGC in the areas of website, hardware, and Salesforce.
  • Manage Drupal integration with the Drupal vendor.
  • Serve as staff on the tech committee.
  • Write Checks
  • Enter accounts payable data into QuickBooks weekly, and generate checks.  This does not include paychecks.

Job Title: Database Associate
Supervisor: Associate Secretary for Development
Hours: Full time (35 hours/week)
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Salary: $33,000 to $36,000, plus full benefits (non-exempt)

Applications will be accepted until this job is filled.  No phone calls, please. Send cover letter, three references and resume detailing database and Salesforce experience to Traci Hjelt Sullivan, [email protected].