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Spiritual Deepening Individual Participant Registration

This registration form is for individuals who will be participating in an in-person Spiritual Deepening group.  You will need to know your group's small group number. 

If you are a leader who would like to form a new Spiritual Deepening small group, please register here.  If you are a co-leader of a group that has already registered, please use the form below.

Your group leader will know this group's number.

We collect your zip code to help identify you in our database.


The suggested fee for participating
in the Spiritual Deepening Program is $20/person.  This fee registers participants for the
small group experience that will explore exercises and activities
in three topic areas.  We are requesting the fee on a "Pay-as-Led" basis
because we do not want there to be economic barriers to participation.  We
also know that some Friends may feel led to pay more than the suggested $20.


This Pay-as-Led participation fee contributes to the
development of the Spiritual Deepening program materials and the training and
support for small group leaders.  The participation fee also allows FGC to
continue to support, develop, and grow the Spiritual Deepening Program and to
make it broadly available over time, with the ultimate goal of increasing the
depth of Spirit and the strength of our Quaker communities.

If the meeting will be paying for the Spiritual Deepening participation fees from its budget, please choose the "meeting will send payment" option below.

Some groups choose to pass the hat and submit one group payment.  If you are paying for more than one person, please choose the "I'm paying for myself and others" option below.  If someone else is paying on your behalf, indicate "Someone else is paying on my behalf."

To submit your own participation fee, as you are led, choose "I'm paying for myself."

In order to help protect your credit card information and minimize your processing fees, we can only accept credit card payments over $5.


Information about You

Please select an approximate date if you don't remember.



Please use whole numbers.

Please select an approximate date if you don't remember.



Please use whole numbers.

What meeting do you attend?

If you're not sure, select None of the Above / Not Listed.

Age, Race, and Gender

Why do we ask these questions?  FGC wants to make sure that our programs are inclusive and offer a positive and meaningful experience to as many participants as possible.  To help us understand who is participating in our programs and what they think, we ask some demographic questions.

When were you born?

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