Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice


Marta Rusek
Suggestions and resources for a Quaker stewardship perspective on family.
Spiritual Growth
This resource is based on a discussion from March 13th, 2015, held in the FGC-sponsored Quaker hospitality room at this year's White Privilege Conference (WPC16). We hope you will use it to generate worthwhile discussions in your meeting.
Challenging Racism
Marta Rusek
One way to welcome newcomers, seekers, and newly-relocated Friends into your meeting is to extend an invitation to them and their families - including children.
Meeting Resource
Central Committee of FGC

FGC Good News Bulletin, November 2004

One hundred and fifty Friends attended the 4-day annual sessions of FGC’s Central Committee last week.

Douglas Gwyn

What are the qualities of Quaker faith and practice that contribute to living sustainably in the world today? How have Quakers learned to create the kind of individual and community life that can prepare us to live fully and responsibly in a time of social and planetary change?

QuakerPress Publication
Marcelle Martin on the Quaker practice of surrendering the self-will and how this practice will be absolutely crucial if we are going to avoid catastrophe.
Noah Baker Merrill discusses sacramental living, Quaker Voluntary Service, and how our Quaker prophetic witness can transform the world.
When these four Earlham students were standing in line for hot dogs, one of them cracked a joke about something being a “Quaker Problem”. Little did they know it would become a full-on international Quaker meme within a matter of weeks.
The Quaker conviction of equality sometimes caused small changes in behavior that ultimately had radical consequences. Thomas Hamm explains the origins of Quaker plain speech.