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The simple act of preparing to welcome visitors can give new life to a meeting.
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Growing Our Meetings will be different in each meeting, but the ultimate goals are the same – to energize Friends, deepen the sense of community, and welcome others to share the Quaker spiritual path.
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In the process of preparing for outreach, meetings often experience deep spiritual sharing and take steps toward being more welcoming and inclusive of newcomers.
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Inreach is about meeting the spiritual needs of the people who are already part of our meeting communities.
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How does one define the concept of eldership in the Quaker Way? This web guide from FGC offers a definition and resources for further reading.
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Marta Rusek
Suggestions, toolkits, and advice for successful First Day School.

Transforming Quaker Welcoming Poster for Meetings

This downloadable and printable 11x17 inch poster suggests questions and conversation starters that can build relationships across differences and contribute to a more welcoming atmosphere for all.

Welcoming Newcomers
By Marta Rusek


Updated May 2, 2017



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At the 2015 FGC Gathering, acclaimed author Parker J. Palmer shared his views on wholeness, a concept he defines as "embracing brokenness as an integral part of life." Friends, newcomers, and seekers of a spiritual home are invited to read the full text of Parker's address here.
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