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Spiritual Deepening Small Groups: Program Content

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Religious Education

The Spiritual Deepening materials for in-person small groups are designed for participants of all ages and stages in their spiritual journey.  Participants engage in activities, discussions, role-plays, spiritual practices, art and music exercises, and worship sharing.  The content has been compiled and developed by Friends throughout the U.S. and Canada and includes materials drawn from high quality existing curricula and resources, as well as newly developed activities.

The program content focuses around foundational readings, activities for sharing spiritual stories, and exploring spiritual practices in order to strengthen and deepen both individual and communal experiences of spiritual connection.  Grounding exercises help participants explore the roots of Quaker faith and give context to Quaker practices and beliefs.  Sharing exercises invite participants to share their spiritual stories and listen deeply to each other’s truth.  Practicing exercises offer new ways of connecting to Spirit.
Activities, readings, and facilitation guides are now available in three topic areas:

Silence and Expectant Waiting

The Quaker experience of worship, silent waiting, and vocal ministry

The Light, Seed, Christ Working in Us

The experience of being led by the Inner Guide

Friendly Practices

The practices of Friends, including discernment, meeting for worship with attention to business, worship sharing, and more


Small group leaders are given access to all exercises and activity guides through the online Spiritual Deepening Library.  New content will be released regularly.

In addition to exploring the Spiritual Deepening activities and exercises, we recommend that small groups incorporate worship and personal check-ins into their time together, in order to enrich the experience of spiritual connection.


Sample Content

Consider forming a small group and exploring these sample exercises from Silence and Expectant Waiting.


Texts and Videos


Making a Listening Mural


Unwrapping the Parcel

Activity for Children:

Does God Hear My Prayer?

Try Two New Activities!

Silence and Expectant Waiting: Visual Exploration
Silence and Expectant Waiting: Poetry