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Spiritual Deepening eRetreats: What to Expect

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Each week, the eRetreat program offers a new topic with videos, essays, quotations, and activities for you to explore and go deeper.  You will connect with other participants as you share your reflections and experiences in discussion boards linked to the weekly activities.   The eRetreat does not have scheduled meeting times, so you can engage at your own time and pace.  Most of the readings or activities for each week can be completed in about an hour or two.  Engaging with other participants through ongoing, online conversations and sharing, will fill another hour or two (or longer, if you choose!).

The eRetreat experience launches with an interactive video welcome call during Week 1.  This welcome call offers an opportunity to introduce yourself and meet other participants while sharing a Spiritual Deepening activity together. All participants are encouraged to connect to one of the welcome calls.

In addition to exploring the eRetreat content online, participants are encouraged to commit to a personal spiritual practice during the eRetreat.  This may involve daily worship, journaling, prayer, reading, movement, or any other practice that invites you to connect with That Which is Eternal.  We encourage participants to consider the eRetreat weeks as a personal retreat and to make the program work for your individual life.  


Building Spiritual Community Online

Within the Spiritual Deepening eRetreat content, you'll find opportunities to build relationships, deepen your personal spiritual practice, learn from others, and explore Quaker thought.  Each online retreat is lead by an experienced facilitator.

As newcomers and Quakers come together to build a spiritual community online, the experience is made richer through the commitment, intention, and active participation of all members of the community.  An example of active participation may be to set an intention to post your own reflection to at least one activity each week and to respond to at least three other participants. Past eRetreat community members have expressed gratitude for the mutual learning, support, and encouragement shared by the community during a Spiritual Deepening eRetreat.  

Remember that spiritual growth often involves stretching, so invite yourself to try new things and consider new perspectives.  

What eRetreat Participants Have Said

"This eRetreat has been a gentle reminder to 'wait to feel the Spirit' and listen more closely for it.... This was a perfect combination of a mini retreat, communal sharing and learning experience." 

- Spiritual Deepening eRetreat participant

How do I sign up?

Registration for each eRetreat session will open about three weeks before the start date.  

Sign up for the Spiritual Deepening email list to receive announcements about registering for an upcoming eRetreat.