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Spiritual Deepening eRetreats: Understanding & Healing White Supremacy

Photo by Arthur Fink

This eRetreat offers participants the opportunity to develop their understanding of what racism, white supremacy, and white privilege are, and how they are embedded in our society, Quaker meetings, and lives.  You will gain knowledge of historical and current realities of racial oppression in the United States and explore how Quaker faith and practice can provide grounding, tools, and fire for our work against racial injustice.  You will explore how Spirit is calling you to action for racial justice while gaining tools for identifying and disrupting racism, white privilege, and white supremacy.

eRetreat Details:

  • Offered September 22 - October 18, 2019
  • Four weeks, $35 pay-as-led participation fee
  • Enrollment is limited to 25 participants
  • The (optional) weekly Community Building Calls will be on Wednesdays at 8:30pm Eastern / 5:30pm Pacific, from September 25 - October 16.

eRetreat Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Defining Racism, Bias, and White Supremacy

Week 2: Our Role as Individuals in a Racist Society

Week 3: Quaker Community & White Supremacy

Week 4: Tools for Dismantling White Supremacy

The eRetreat community will operate under the following premises:  

  • We live in a country built on white supremacy. White supremacy is the operating system in the US.
  • We are here to push against systemic, institutional, and individual racism.
  • White fragility is a tool of white supremacy and we are here to push against it, not comfort and protect it.
  • If you are white, the strategies we are sharing during the eRetreat will push against white fragility and racism. Pay attention to your reactions and be aware of your body. You might be uncomfortable. That’s okay.


Register now for this eRetreat.  Registration will be limited to 25 participants. 


The Understanding & Healing White Supremacy eRetreat will be co-facilitated by Regina Renee Ward and Polly Washburn.