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Spirit Rising - Young Quaker Voices

QuakerPress Publication
Edited by Angelina Conti, Cara Curtis, Wess Daniels, John Lomuria, Emma Condori, Harriet Hart, Et Al | 6/07/12

Spirit Rising celebrates, critiques, questions, and reflects on the Quaker faith experience. Writing and visual art by teenage and young adult Quakers from around the world and across the theological and cultural spectrum of the Religious Society of Friends give readers a window on the spiritual riches and witness these Friends offer. The contributors in this volume challenge and inspire, as they witness to and celebrate Quakerism as it has been, as it is, and as it could yet be. The voices here come together in a symphony, cacophonous but also deeply resonant. Listen and you will hear that their Spirit - here called by many names - is undeniably rising.

A joint publication of QuakerPress of FGC and Quakers Uniting in Publications



Spirit Rising was co-published with Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP), which is currently completing a Spanish translation of this book. QUIP is an international network of Quaker booksellers, authors, and publishers concerned with the ministry of the written word.