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Recommended Books and Pamphlets

Meeting Resource

This is a short list of publications we recommend for newcomers or people interested in finding out about Quakers.  You can find all of these and many more at QuakerBooks of FGC.

For a first introduction:

For more on meeting for worship: 

For an overview of Quaker testimonies:

  • An Introduction to Quaker Testimonies by American Friends Service Committee.  (A brief introduction to peace, equality, integrity, community, simplicity, and earthcare with queries and pithy quotations.)
  • Quaker Ideals by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  (A very brief collection of short statements expressing values common among Quakers.)

For nuts and bolts—more about how Quakers operate:

  • The Faith and Practice book of your yearly meeting. (These publications, sometimes called "disciplines," serve as guidebooks for members.)
  • Guide to Quaker Practice by Howard Brinton. (This booklet provides an overview of how the Friends community works--worship, structure, decision making, testimonies, and more. A bit dated, but still excellent.)

For historical perspective:

  • A Procession of Friends by Daisy Newman. (The history of Quakers portrayed in a series of short stories.)
  • Friend: The Story of George Fox and the Quakers  by Jane Yolen (A biography of George Fox.  Though written for middle school students, the book provides an excellent, readable account of how Quakers emerged against the backdrop of religious turmoil and the English Civil War.)
  • Quakers in America by Thomas Hamm.  (A concise, insightful history of how Quakers in the United States began, how they have changed over time, and what is happening among Quakers today.)

For deeper inspiration: a few widely read Quaker classics: 

  • A Testament of Devotion by Thomas Kelly. (A short book of devotional essays written in the mid-twentieth century.)
  • Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman edited by Phillips Moulton. (An 18th century New Jersey Friend records his efforts to "walk the walk" of his Quaker faith.)
  • Journal of George Fox - any edition. (Considered by many to be the founder of Quakerism, Fox provides an account of his experiences during the early years of the movement.)