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Quaker Toolbox

Meeting Resource

The summary pieces collected here will provide a simple introduction to some Quaker ways of worship, decision making and community building. They may be especially useful in new worship groups where few of the attenders are experienced Friends. The final piece addresses the relationship between a meeting and the worship group(s) under its care, since many meetings are not experienced in this area. These pieces only pick out some highlights, drawing on a rich literary tradition. We hope you will use the basic books list in the appendix, and the resources of QuakerBooks of FGC to explore each of these topics in greater depth.

Each of the tools in this section are available in convenient printable handout form:

 ► Enriching Meeting for Worship

 ► Quaker Business Basics

 ► Shared Learning in the Small Meeting or Worship Group

 ► Thoughts on Children and the New Worship Group

 ► Guidelines for Clearness Committees

 ► Guidelines for Meetings with Worship Groups under their Care