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Letters to a Fellow Seeker: A Short Introduction to the Quaker Way

QuakerPress Publication
By Steve Chase | 1/31/13

In seven letters to a fictional correspondent, Steve Chase describes his spiritual journey among Friends. The writer, a member of the Quaker Quest travel team, introduces the Quaker way to a newcomer in language that is personal and gentle, while offering powerful inspiration through stories. Written as an invitation to inquirers, "Letters to a Fellow Seeker" will stimulate discussion among longtime Friends about how we experience and remain true to our Quaker faith. Read the first letter in Friends Journal.




“In language that is simple, bold, and lovingly vulnerable, a contemporary Quaker reaches out to his neighbors asking, ‘Is this way yours, too?’ It is part testimony, part spiritual biography, part invitation, and part challenge.”
- Noah Baker Merill, traveling Quaker minister