Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Inreach/Outreach/Inclusion Travelers


The Friends listed here have traveled across the United States and Canada helping meetings through programs designed to assist meetings in becoming welcoming, deep, and warm.

·         Grow Our Spirits (Inreach) – strengthening the meeting community, sharing personal journeys, and becoming welcoming and vibrant

·         Growing Our Presence (Outreach) – becoming known in the local community through publicity and inviting seekers in

·         Growing our Quaker Community (Integrating Newcomers) – welcoming visitors and integrating newcomers into the life of our meetings

MariaBradleymgwbrad_at_verizon.netBaltimore Yearly Meeting
SteveChaseschase_at_pendlehill.orgNew England Yearly Meeting
SummerCushmansummer_at_summercushman.comNorth Pacific Yearly Meeting
LolaGeorglolageorg_at_gmail.comPhiladelphia Yearly Meeting
MichaelGreenmikequaker_at_gmail.comNorth Carolina Yearly Meeting Conservative
VanessaJulyequakervjulye_at_earthlink.netPhiladelphia Yearly Meeting
AmyKietzmanaokietzman_at_gmail.comPhiladelphia Yearly Meeting
KristenRichardsonkm.richardson_at_rocketmail.comNew York Yearly Meeting
RickSeifertwfseifert_at_gmail.comNorth Pacific Yearly Meeting
MichaelWajdamfwajda_at_gmail.comPhiladelphia Yearly Meeting
KeiraWilsonkeira.leigh.wilson_at_gmail.comBaltimore Yearly Meeting