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Grow Our Meetings Toolkit - Inreach

Colby Abazs
Meeting Resource

Inreach is about meeting the spiritual needs of the people who are already part of our meeting communities.

Participating in inreach and spiritual deepening can be a transformative experience for both long-time Friends and newcomers.  Vibrant Quaker meetings share grounded worship, deep personal connections, and opportunities for exploring spirituality and faith in action, and inreach provides opportunities for this vibrancy to grow. Inreach contributes to growing our meetings because the visitors that walk through our doors can perceive the vitality, spiritual depth, and sense of connection we share, leading some of them to think, “Ah yes, this could be my spiritual home.”

There is great power in storytelling. To share our faith is to grow in our faith.  Sharing our personal spiritual journeys builds community and invites us to know each other “in that which is eternal.” Making time for building these types of connections and being intentional about inviting Spirit into the activities we share as a meeting will increase our sense of knowing each other, nurturing the meeting and sharing a spiritual experience together.

Sample Agenda: A 6-week Adult Religious Education Series on Exploring Inreach
Week 1 Inreach and Spiritual Community 30 minutes
Week 2 Double Circles: What Do Quakers Believe? 30-60 minutes
Week 3 Built It! This I Believe / Timeless Quaker Wisdom: Be Still and Cool 20 minutes / 30 minutes
Week 4 QuakerSpeak Activity: The Faithfulness Lecture 30-45 minutes
Week 5 That of God Activity / Select Queries for Worship Sharing 30 minutes / 30 minutes
Week 6 Sharing Our Spiritual Stories 45 minutes

*The starred files below include facilitation guides for activities you can implement TODAY in your meeting.

Helpful Resources & Toolkits

 ► *Starting the Conversation: Inreach and Spiritual Community

 ► *Double Circles Exercise: What Do Quakers Believe?

 ► *Sharing Our Spiritual Stories

 ► *Using QuakerSpeak Videos for Inreach, Outreach, and Integrating Newcomers

 ► *Build It! A Toolkit for Nurturing Intergenerational Spiritual Community

 ► *Inreach through Music: Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong

 ► *Worship Seeing - Drawing Out Gifts

 ► *Spirituality Quotes Activity

 ► *God Bag Activity

 ► *That of God Activity

 ► *A Query Method of Reading Scripture for Individual Reflection

 ► Suggested Guidelines for Discussion Groups

 ► Worship Sharing Guidelines

 ► Queries for Worship Sharing