Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Policy on the Establishment of a Leaflet Table at Gathering

The intent of this policy is to provide an opportunity for Friends to share and explore their journey, concerns, ideas and leadings, while protecting the quality of the Gathering and the safety of the Gathering Community.

The distribution and display of leaflets or similar written materials shall be limited to a prominently located, visible, accessible and designated area of the Gathering. While no prior approval is required to distribute or display literature, certain materials are inappropriate at Gathering and will not be permitted.; These include:

  1. Obscenity, child pornography, libel, and any materials not protected by the First Amendment and whose display or distribution could subject Friends General Conference, its staff and volunteers to criminal and civil liability.
  2. Literature which has the intent or the substantial effect of creating a hostile environment or otherwise violating the Sexual Harassment Policy.
  3. Literature which directly threatens or defames specific members of the Gathering Community.
  4. Literature which creates a substantial risk to the safety of the Gathering Community.
  5. Literature which seriously threatens the quality of the Gathering experience.

All literature displayed or distributed at the leaflet table must be clearly identified with the name of a Gathering attender or attenders. If not, it shall be removed with no further investigation required except as appropriate under the At Risk and Disruptive Behavior Policy and/or the Sexual Harassment Policy. Materials found to be in violation of this policy shall be removed.

Friends may not interfere with or obstruct the display or distribution of literature on the designated leaflet display table. If Friends believe that certain materials are in violation of the above policies, they should report their concern to any one of the following: Gathering Clerks, Conference Coordinators, the General Secretary, FGC Presiding Clerk or the Clerk of Long Range Conference Planning, who shall have the authority to investigate and take appropriate action.

Long Range Conference Planning Committee will be ultimately responsible for monitoring the leaflet table and for enforcement of this policy.

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