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Considerations When Choosing and Using Books in First Day School


The FGC Religious Education committee is encouraging Quaker religious educators to explore the many possible ways one can build a lesson around a single book. The Religious Education committee is calling such a lesson, especially one created using a form or template they have provided, a Lesson from a Book. (See sample lessons in this issue.) There are scores of excellent books available, so it makes sense to plan carefully and maximize the use of these books in the First Day School setting. Many meeting religious educators are challenged by irregular attendance or by wide age ranges within the same classroom. A Lesson from a Book can easily be customized to fit your specific meeting environment. Plus, more than one lesson can be created from the same book. When Lessons from a Book are kept in a notebook for future use, your meeting's resource library can grow surprisingly rapidly.
This article will discuss some of the many issues to consider in selecting appropriate books for Lesson from a Book plans, and will explore some of the "hidden" messages for which we need to look when selecting First Day School materials in general.

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