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Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship: Quakers, African Americans, and the Myth of Racial Justice

This book documents the spiritual and practical impacts of discrimination in the Religious Society of Friends in the belief that understanding the truth of our past is vital to achieving a diverse, inclusive community in the future. There is a common misconception that most Quakers assisted fugitive slaves and involved themselves in civil rights activism because of their belief in equality. While there were Friends committed to ending enslavement and post-enslavement injustices, Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship reveals that racism has been as insidious, complex, and pervasive among Friends as it has been generally among people of European descent.

Spirit Rising - Young Quaker Voices

Spirit Rising celebrates, critiques, questions, and reflects on the Quaker faith experience. Writing and visual art by teenage and young adult Quakers from around the world and across the theological and cultural spectrum of the Religious Society of Friends give readers a window on the spiritual riches and witness these Friends offer. The contributors in this volume challenge and inspire, as they witness to and celebrate Quakerism as it has been, as it is, and as it could yet be. The voices here come together in a symphony, cacophonous but also deeply resonant. Listen and you will hear that their Spirit - here called by many names - is undeniably rising.

The Quaker Way

The Quaker Way was written as a faith and practice handbook for upper elementary and middle school youngsters, but has been found very useful to new attenders and seekers. Sections on history, meeting for worship, how the society works, prayer and more. Includes a Quaker glossary, bibliography, and fun illustrations from a Pulitzer Prize winning Quaker cartoonist. Just reprinted - now in a larger format 9" x 6", and with a new cream yellow cover. Same great text.

A Lively Faith - Reflections on Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends (Conservative)

The Conservative Friends of Iowa have a unique story. It is a chronicle of how one group of Quakers has held fast to its roots against the winds of change, while simultaneously grappling with and responding to the modern world. Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) stands its own ground, fitting neither into the liberal nor orthodox Quaker camps, yet with connections to both. Callie Marsh entered this community as an adult seeker and made it her home, taking part in identity-wrenching struggles, such as their understanding of Christianity and the question of same-gender marriage.


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