Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends


Meeting Mentors

Meeting mentors received training to help them "walk alongside" a meeting over an extended period as it works on its challenges and opportunities. It is a process that includes prayer, worship, on-going dialogue, questioning, research, learning and reflection. The meeting mentor’s goal was to spiritually support the meeting where it is and with what it needs. A meeting mentor might work alongside a meeting for whatever length of time is agreed upon and be available in person or via electronic media.

Visiting Friends

The Friends listed here have been part of the Traveling Ministries Program which connected Friends with the gifts of Ministry to Quaker meetings requesting spiritual support. These experienced Friends offered assistance with deepening worship, building faith community, and navigating conflict with love. Visiting Friends provide meetings and individual Friend (including the visitors) opportunities to grow in the Spirit and know each other on a deeper spiritual level.


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