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Getting Started

How to "Build" A Friends Meeting or Worship Group

There is more to a Friends meeting than an hour of silent worship on Sundays. A vital meeting challenges us to spiritual growth every day of the week. It gathers us into a loving, supportive fellowship. It creates sacred space in which we can find healing, strength, and vision. It sends us out into the world to serve and to witness to the possibility of transformation, peace, and divine love.

As you think about building (or rebuilding) your meeting or worship group, you might want to plan your Sunday schedule to include each of these elements

Introducing Newcomers to Meeting for Worship

Newcomers and Meeting for Worship

Many aspects of a meeting’s or worship group’s life influence a visitor’s decision to become a regular attender and active participant. The vitality of your meeting or worship group and the ways you inform newcomers about your faith affect visitors decisions whether to return or not, as do their feelings of welcome and acceptance. Most important though is the quality of worship. Quakers offer a form of worship that is distinct from other faiths.

Practical Arrangements for Starting a New Quaker Worship Group or Meeting

Practical Arrangements for Starting a New Quaker Worship Group or Meeting

While beginning a new worship group or meeting is primarily a spiritual endeavor, there are also various practical matters you will want to consider. The following are some basic steps you should contemplate prior to holding your first gathering – and continue them after the group is underway.

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