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Conway, NC 27852

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In the process of understanding my own spiritual life and that of other Quakers, I have come to learn that justice is my testimony. In fact, led by virtual worship with Friends of Color globally, I believe that justice is the testimony. In order for us to see God/Spirit/Creator in one another, we must be prepared to fight for one another legally, legislatively, artistically, academically, and in all other ways that insist upon our existence. In short: Justice is the testimony. Justice is the spirituality.

Rashid Darden, with inspiration and support of other Quakers of Color

Transatlantic Friends is a Quaker community rooted in a testimony of justice that centers the spirit-led leadership of people of color.

TF meets in partially-programmed silent worship, broken only by a single friend of color or their ally.

The first Transatlanic Friends cycle met in worship for 52 consecutive weeks, starting on World Quaker Day 2021.That cycle concluded on World Quaker Day 2022 and decided to go into an intentional period of rest and reflection until January 8, 2023.

We look forward to virtually worshiping with you again on that date.

Worship Times

spring & summer & fall & winter

  • Every Week
  • Sunday/First Day
  • 12:30 PM - 1:55 PM
  • Format: Virtual
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