Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
A monthly meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

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It is time again for Friendly 8's, a group of about 8 people who come together about once a month for food and fellowship.  That may be in each other's homes, at a restaurant or coffee shop.  Communication and Outreach Committee sets up the groups based on location, then each group organizes itself around a schedule and interests that work for them.  Some groups watch movies and discuss them, others  enjoy coffee and conversation, others make the rounds of each other's homes for dinner, or always gather at one member's home. 


Because we moved hosts and platforms, old logins and passwords DO NOT work on the new website.  It is necessary to set up a new login with, the “parent” of the Quaker Cloud.  When you set up that login, you have the option to enter your contact information and check a box that says “list in directory."


Many f/Friends are wondering how they can help with their time or money to ease the suffering and end the separation of families.  Here's a list of organizations to consider:


Representative Report of the South Central Yearly Meeting 2018

Just under 160 souls attended South Central Yearly Meeting between March 29 & April 1, 2018 in Bruceville, Texas.  

As Live Oak Friends Meeting Representative to South Central, I conveyed LOFM memorial minutes of June Bray, Jann Barr, and Pam Hunter and shared in the joint LOFM+Caddo Worship Group birth announcement of Gustav Drexler. I thank Claude Jager-Rubinson & Betty Drexler helping me with the reading of Pam’s minute and Gustav’s announcement.


While working on LOFM's Propety Workday (March 24, 2018), one friend pulled vines out of the south fence and trees there.  Spring has come and poison ivy is back.  commented that the poison ivy was out.  So are greenbriar, muscadine grape, and Virginia creeper. 

If you react to poison ivy or don't know, stay away from the vines along the south fence.  Itchy and a bumpy rash can be serious and start to come out in a day or two.  With a friend who touched them today, he scrubbed to get the oil off his skin.  

This class provides an explanation of how meetings function. Available to the first six people, or couples if they can share a books. Questions, concerns or to sign up, please contact Jane Houser [email protected].
(It may be helpful if participants have had Quakerism 101 recently, but not necessary)