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Fourth Query: Care for the Meeting Community Care for one another

Are love and unity maintained among us? When conflicts exist, are they faced with patience, forbearance, and openness to healing? Are avenues for exploring differences kept open? To what extent does our Meeting ignore differences in order to avoid possible conflicts?

Is the Meeting a safe, loving place? When we become aware of someone’s need, do we offer assistance? Are the meetinghouse and the Meeting property physically accessible to all?



  • KMM Retreat: Conflict Transformation
  • Family Promise Week
  • PYM Continuing Sessions
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Easter Sunday
Clocks move ahead ONE HOUR this weekend - don't forget to set your clocks on Saturday night, so you won't miss Meeting for Business at 9:30 Sunday morning. 

The Samuel Martin Fund committee awards grants to assist with the cost of attendance at Quaker schools. The amount awarded varies based on the amount of funds available and the number of applicants in any given year. Anyone attending a Quaker school is entitled to apply. Applications will be gladdly received and considered. Applications should be submitted by March 15th, for the following academic year. For more information, please see the application, available below:


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