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Here you will find news items of interest about FGC. We will also feature news items from other Quaker Organizations in the United States and Canada at their request.

Northern Yearly Meeting is our featured FGC Yearly Meeting and our new Ministry on Racism Support Specialist reflects on her experience at a Moral Monday event. Plus: fun community-building activities for your meeting!
FGC News | October 7th 2016
Monday September 12th, 200 low wage workers, faith leaders and activists stood on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg, demanding that our elected representatives take action against injustice. Speakers from organizations dedicated to immigration, labor, environmental, education and prison justice testified to how their lives have been impacted by our racist criminal justice system, environmental destruction, low wages, corporate greed, education underfunding and an immigration system that separates families and exploits workers.
FGC News | September 22nd 2016
Northern Yearly Meeting is one a fairly young yearly meeting, only forty-one years old. This gives them the unique position of having some of their founders as community elders. Northern Yearly Meeting covers a wide geographic region of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Beyond just new in years, Northern Yearly Meeting could be defined by its youthful vitality.
Quaker News | September 22nd 2016
Vanessa Julye is the Ministry on Racism Program Coordinator and the Youth Ministries Program Coordinator at FGC. She first worked with FGC as a volunteer in 1994, she has been an FGC staff member for eleven years. In her time working for FGC she has been excited to see how the instigation of a Pre-Gathering People of Color retreat has built support for People of Color at Gathering. She has been deeply encouraged by the work FGC has taken up with the White Privilege Conference (WPC) supporting Quakers in their attendance to this important event.
FGC News | September 22nd 2016

Friends Meeting House Fund doesn’t just help meetings buy meetinghouses, the fund has been helping Quaker meetings across the US and Canada renovate, update, and make their meeting houses environmentally friendly. Storrs Friends Meeting is one such meeting.

| September 22nd 2016
As you consider whether to participate in the Spiritual Deepening program, here are a list of questions you may have.
| September 15th 2016

FGC News | September 9th 2016

Vital Friends is FGC's monthly eNewsletter that shares news, resources, and announcements with Friends. Below is the introductory text and table of contents.

| September 1st 2016

Southeastern Yearly Meeting is a community of 23 Meetings and Worship Groups in Florida, southeastern Georgia, coastal South Carolina, and Managua, Nicaragua. In 2014, we celebrated our 50th anniversary.

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| August 19th 2016
When we’re doing it faithfully, what are the qualities of Quaker social action? Spirit-filled, hopeful, compassionate, clear, loving, patient, connected. During a visit to the Alaskan Friends Conference annual sessions in July, FGC Spiritual Deepening Program Coordinator Rachel...
FGC News | August 18th 2016

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