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QuakerBooks of FGC is now open at Pendle Hill!

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By Barry Crossno | 4/04/15


FGC and Pendle Hill are very happy to announce an experimental collaboration bringing QuakerBooks of FGC to Pendle Hill. For at least the next six months, QuakerBooks will operate from the site of the current Pendle Hill bookstore. Pendle Hill will now have in excess of a thousand new titles to serve over 4,500 annual campus visitors. Likewise, FGC will be able to better serve Friends living in and visiting the Philadelphia region with a convenient walk-in bookstore, ample parking and the beauty and serenity of the Pendle Hill campus. By having one bookstore serving our two institutions, we hope to offer a better and stronger service for everyone.

Our hours will be 9:30am-4:30pm, Thursday through Monday beginning Monday, April 13. These hours will also better serve Pendle Hill weekend workshop participants and Friends who work during the week.  Customer service will be available during these new times as well. To reach QuakerBooks of FGC, use our same phone number: 1-800-966-4556 (toll-free) or 215-561-1700 x3044 (local). The QuakerBooks website will continue to be available 24/7 to serve your needs.

Please visit QuakerBooks of FGC on the Pendle Hill campus! We think you’ll love our selection of books, pamphlets, CDs and tracts on a wide range of Quaker topics as well as books on general spirituality, activism and for children. If you wish to renew your Pendle Hill Pamphlet subscription, please call Pendle Hill at 610-566-4507 ext. 2. You can order Pendle Hill pamphlets from both the Pendle Hill and QuakerBooks websites.

QuakerBooks looks forward to seeing you on the Pendle Hill campus!


Note: QuakerBooks' business hours are subject to change. To view our most up-to-date business hours, click here