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Program Spotlight: Christian Interfaith Relations Committee

Elaine Emmi
By Piper Lewis | 1/29/16


One of the many exciting programs of Friends General Conference is the Christian Interfaith Relations Committee (CIRC). CIRC is the home of FGC’s interfaith and ecumenical work, striving to build greater understanding across religious divisions, with both Christian and other diverse faith traditions. CIRC represents FGC in participation large interdenominational and interfaith events, as well in community with other branches of the broader Quaker community beyond FGC.

In the last year CIRC brought FGC’s to the World Council of Churches (WCC) representing through work on the Council’s Central Committee, and in the visioning stage of an upcoming “Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace” event in conjunction with Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, and other peace churches representing at the WCC.

CIRC continued the invaluable work of ensuring FGCs presence and representation at the Parliament of World Religion where along with local Quakers and other FGC Central Committee members CIRC held a presentation of Quaker Worship, inviting attenders at the Parliament to experience the waiting silence for themselves. CIRC continues their work, bringing the perspectives of Quaker experience and representation of the body of FGC to interfaith and ecumenical events in 2016. 

Pictures from the Parliament of World Religions 2015 in Salt Lake City Utah


Photo by Elaine Emmi                                                                                     Photo by Margaret Fraser 


Photo by Elaine Emmi                                                                        Photo by Elaine Emmi