Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

An Interview with Barry Crossno - Part 3


6.    What opportunities lay ahead for the organization, for the Society of Friends?

In terms of FGC, we have an enormous opportunity to build on the solid successesof the past ten or so years.  My hope is that over time we will work closely with many Quaker organizations to create significant tools for religious education—many of these online.  I want to see programs that can be scaled.  If someone hears about Quaker faith and practice, I want them to have easy access to meetings, study groups, religious education classes, peer groups, books, and other communities and tools that give them a clear, direct route into our practices.  From this, I hope they will quickly learn if Quaker faith and practice can help them have life-affirming and life-changing experiences.

7.    What challenges lay ahead?

One challenge is to find the financial resources to do the work.  FGC is fortunate.  We have vision.  We have a board of governance that's grounded in the Spirit.  We have programs that are strong and vital.  Our donors are amazing and loyal people and we have an excellent development team that understands the spirituality of philanthropy.  My hope is that as our vision continues to strengthen way will open so additional resources can be applied and more people can experience the Divine through Quaker practice.

8.    What do you do when you are not wrapped up with work?

If it involves a mountain, the wind rustling in the leaves, and hiking boots, I'm happy.  I'm even happier to share an evening over dinner with my family and friends.

9.    Is there anything else you would like Friends to know about you?

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to serve.  I'm grateful for all the people who have held and nurtured this tradition for the past 350 years so we can ground and deepen our experience of the Divine.  I'm excited by the adventure that is laid out before us to use Quaker experiences, tools, processes and beliefs to empower us and to bring into being a more just, compassionate, and inspiring world.