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Here you will find news items of interest about FGC. We will also feature news items from other Quaker Organizations in the United States and Canada at their request.

Each month, FGC distributes digital newsletters to share updates and information about FGC and QuakerBooks. Below is the introductory text and links to our newsletters we shared in July and August 2020.

Featured: Book Musings (July & August) and Vital Friends (August)

| August 4th 2020

Finding common ground in our spiritual journeys through interfaith relationship-building is a powerful way to connect in the age of social distancing. Here are four ways to quickly start interfaith relationships that can make a difference for us all.

| August 3rd 2020

Sarah Haber is a member of the Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee. She contributed to FGC's Anti-Racism Ministry update in March 2020, and this past July, she co-facilitated the Self Care for People of Color workshop at the Virtual FGC Gathering. This article was written for the August 2020 Interfaith Issue of the Vital Friends eNewsletter.

| August 3rd 2020

Connect with Friends and go deeper in your spiritual experience with these upcoming virtual events in August, presented by FGC Friends, Pendle Hill, the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative, and more. You're also invited to FGC's ongoing worship opportunities.

| August 3rd 2020

Special guest writer Sue Tannehill shares a story about how a family from the Democratic Republic of the Congo worked with her Quaker community to create an English-to-Swahili translation of New York Yearly Meeting's Faith and Practice. This article originally appeared in FGC's Vital Friends eNewsletter.

| August 3rd 2020

FGC's Conference Coordinator Lori Sinitzky describes what it was like to transform the FGC Gathering, a beloved annual conference for Friends of all ages and backgrounds, from an in-person event to a virtual experience, and what we learned in the process.

| August 3rd 2020

Ruth Reber experienced the FGC Gathering for the first time when she was three years old. Her fond memories of summers with Friends, and her passion for creating opportunities for Quakers of all ages to connect and nurture their shared spiritual journeys together, are what made her a great Conference Coordinator for the Gathering. On the occasion of her retirement, we’d like to extend our profound gratitude and reflect on Ruth’s dedication to the Quaker community.

| August 3rd 2020

FGC is pleased to announce that for a limited time, Friends can watch Valarie Kaur's inspiring presentation from the 2020 FGC Virtual Gathering!

FGC News | July 20th 2020

The importance of this Gathering for Friends of Color worshipping in community together cannot be overstated. To our Friends in the wider Quaker world, we the Friends of Color, can’t breathe. During this weekend, we enjoyed the rare opportunity of not being othered In Quaker space. We experienced the joy of being seen as we are and the affirmation of a supportive spirit among ourselves in the “Amen corner”. The term “Amen corner” comes from the Black church and is a communal space that validates, affirms and uplifts the spirit. In isolation, due to COVID19, we are being kept apart and away from those we love, trust and need. The pre-gathering retreat brought back the source of community and family that has been missing.

| July 3rd 2020

The 2020 FGC Virtual Gathering begins today, and we're inviting participants to update their profile pictures and share their selfies with us!

FGC News | June 28th 2020