Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

All-Gathering Worship & Welcome 2018

Gathering begins on Sunday with our All-Gathering Worship & Welcome for attendees of all ages, led by the 2018 Gathering Clerks & Gathering Committee.

As part of the opening, we'll be led in a water ceremony by Panoka Walker. Panoka is of mixed French and Anishinabe decent from the Deer Clan. Panoka strongly identifies with her Indian roots as a traditional storyteller, song carrier, hand drum maker and traditional craftswoman. Encouraged by her elders after years of apprenticeship inside the sacred circle of life, Panoka is a facilitator of women’s ceremonies. She also leads workshops and presentations for adults and youth. Panoka is affiliated with the Mother Earth Water Walkers, who bring awareness to the Water, the Lifeblood of the Earth.

Promoting Environmental Justice with FCNL

Image credit: Friends Committee on National Legislation

Emily Wirzba and Scott Greenler of Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) are collaborating with faith-based and environmental communities to persuade lawmakers to take action on climate change and protect natural resources. Both come from extensive environmental and social justice backgrounds, and this month they're sharing strategies for living Earthcare witness through a legislative lens.


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