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Institutional Assessment on Racism Update: September 2018

The FGC Institutional Assessment on Racism survey completed on July 31, 2018 - with 1,168 respondents! The Task Force owes Friends (within FGC and beyond) our sincerest gratitude for responding to our call for your testimony. The next phase of our work has begun: analyzing the many sources of data, crafting recommendations, and planning our presentation for the fall Central Committee (Oct 25-28, 2018).

Spiritual Deepening eRetreats: Silence & Light for Young Adult Friends

The Silence & Light for Young Adult Friends eRetreat invites you to explore and practice the experience of Quaker worship and silent waiting, for an inward encounter with Inner Teacher who leads, guides, and transforms us every day.  This eRetreat is held under the care of the Adult Young Friends Program of the Friends General Conference Gathering.  It is offered as an opportunity to bring together Quakers and seekers in the age range of 18-35ish for spiritual community and mutual support. 

Institutional Assessment on Racism Update: August 2018

The FGC Institutional Assessment on Racism survey as of July 15, 2018 has N=1,041 respondents:Female (562, 66%), Male (260, 31%), and Other (27, 3%), with 192 skipping the gender question. Six indicated that they were FGC staff; 451 took the time to compose write-in comments to further express their thoughts. The survey was initially closed on July 15th to begin analysis of the data. However, the survey was re-opened on July 23rd to accommodate the interest and exposure generated at the NYYM summer session (July 22nd – 28th).

All-Gathering Worship & Welcome 2018

Gathering begins on Sunday with our All-Gathering Worship & Welcome for attendees of all ages, led by the 2018 Gathering Clerks & Gathering Committee.

As part of the opening, we'll be led in a water ceremony by Panoka Walker. Panoka is of mixed French and Anishinabe decent from the Deer Clan. Panoka strongly identifies with her Indian roots as a traditional storyteller, song carrier, hand drum maker and traditional craftswoman. Encouraged by her elders after years of apprenticeship inside the sacred circle of life, Panoka is a facilitator of women’s ceremonies. She also leads workshops and presentations for adults and youth. Panoka is affiliated with the Mother Earth Water Walkers, who bring awareness to the Water, the Lifeblood of the Earth.


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