Workshop Number: 29
Leaders: Judith Favor
Who May Register?: Open to All
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 20%
Lecture: 5%
Discussion: 5%
Experiential Activities: 70%

Who May Attend?
only full time attenders (participants should attend all week)

This workshop guides participants in clarifying what matters most. Together in cared-for stillness, we listen for spiritual guidance with pen in hand. Worshipful writing takes us deep within to identify our core values, compose letters to loved ones, and practice describing our beliefs and commitments in safe worship-sharing circles.

Workshop Description

Writing Your Ethical Will: Passing on Values, Principles & Stories to Your Heirs
with Judith Favor

Financial wills disperse our valuables. Ethical Wills convey our values.

How do you want to be remembered when you’re gone?

How would you describe the beliefs and commitments that undergird your life choices?

What kind of support do you need to convey your core values to living descendants?

Jesus’ last will and testament in the Gospel of John is the Light that guides Writing Your Ethical Will. We will compose our own legacy notes through immersion in personal memories, present activities and future hopes illuminated by the poetic and parabolic images of John 14,15 and 16. Jesus not only invited the curious to follow his teachings, he also said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (14:6). These are relational words. In the mystical poetry of John, Jesus entices us to form relationships with self, others and God by living close to the heart of Love.

Two movements comprise the way of Jesus, a continual flow of breath: in, out; in, out; in, out.…Two movements comprise Writing Your Ethical Will: the interior one, toward identifying your true values, and the exterior one, directing your legacy outward to enact love and justice in the way you pass on what matters most to future generations.

WHAT is included an ETHICAL WILL?

  1. Themes from your PAST:
    • Meaningful personal and family stories
    • Qualities and attributes inherited from ancestors
    • Lessons learned from challenging experiences
    • Regrets
  2. Themes from your PRESENT:
    • Emotional values and cognitive beliefs
    • Spiritual and physical principles and practices
    • Expressions of love and gratitude
    • Apologies and amends
  3. Themes for your FUTURE:
    • Hopes and dreams for current and future generations
    • Advices, questions and guidance for heirs to consider
    • Blessings for present and future loved ones
    • End of life requests, wishes and plans

How can Worshipful Writing help you figure out what matters most?

“Writing from the depths of Quaker worship connects us to the source of ‘continuing revelation,’ says Judith Favor. “Contemplative writing opens us to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, where we discover and express new insights. Together Friends create a sanctuary of ‘cared-for space’ with clear guidelines and breath meditations. Writing prompts bring out insights percolating beneath the surface. Timed-writing exercises invite the emergence of fresh words that express hidden or forgotten truths. ‘Hearing each other into speech” in pairs and small groups clarifies our thinking. The fruits of our collective creative labors are often surprising and always inspiring.”

Leader Experience

Judith has practiced and taught Worshipful Writing since the 1970s and is delighted to share the art & soul of journaling with Friends ready to compose a legacy letter to descendants. Writing an Ethical Will provides tools to reconcile growing in faith with staying true to Quaker principles and practices. Hers remains a work in progress.

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