Workshop Number: 30
Leaders: Gail Thomas
Who May Register?: Open to All
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 30%
Lecture: 5%
Discussion: 45%
Experiential Activities: 20%

Who May Attend?
only full time attenders (participants should attend all week)

This book allows us to hear diverse voices as we reflect on Scripture. These voices present a just vision for the world and how we might be moved to act. We can only dip into the book; I expect each day to be an adventure and a challenge.

Workshop Description

We Cry Justice: Reading the Bible with the Poor People’s Campaign – Reading parts of this book together we will see how the vision of justice in Scripture continues both to challenge and strengthen our hearts.

On Monday I envision introducing the book, building community, doing together lesson one, written by the editor, Liz Theoharis. It’s a good start as it reflects on the time in Matthew when Jesus says “The poor are always with us.” Liz Theoharis has us read Deuteronomy 15:1-4 as well where God lays out rules for relieving debt and restoring balance in a community. She argues Jesus is saying as long as we do not do our part to create this vision of a justice society-then the poor are always with us. Whether this will be a whole session or half depends- I might have alternate plans.  I like to get a sense of who is in the workshop and what best meets the needs of the group. 

Tuesday –Wednesday we will look together and/or in small groups at some of the other lessons. Ending on Thursday and Friday with some great lessons from the last section of the book, “The Birth of a Movement.” Also on Friday I like to leave space for our “takeaways.”  What new thing, idea, insight, would you like to share?  How will this workshop help guide, strengthen future action?  What support might you need?   My Bible group has been working our way through the book and I am discovering ways I continue to read Scripture with a lens of a white, middle class person.  As a group we are understanding more clearly Jesus’ message-not only should we love one another, but we all DESERVE to be loved-and to share in a just society.  What is my role in birthing this vision?

Leader Experience

I have led many workshop on the Bible, particularly the Gospels, at FGC and else in Quakerdom.

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