Workshop Number: 29
Leaders: dest/jess(ie)/etc. purvis, Judy Purvis
Who May Register?: Open to All
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 32%
Discussion: 33%
Experiential Activities: 35%

Who May Attend?
part-time attenders welcome (can come any session)

How does our handwork—be it spinning, knitting, beading, or any other hand creation—dovetail with our spiritual identity? Bring your work in progress or learn something new! We will explore how making can provide space for creativity, contemplation, and affirmation. Co-led by an experienced beader and an experienced knitter.

Workshop Description

We plan to create a space in which people can bring their art/handwork projects in progress and share or learn a new skill (knitting, beading). Our particular skills are in knitting, beading, sewing, and crochet, but we are open to other forms people want to share, such as spinning or weaving. We will open in worship and move into worship sharing around a particular word or short reading that provides the jumping-off point for talking about a variety of themes. We are open to the leadings of the group as they emerge, but some possible topics to explore are:

  • How can our handwork serve as spiritual practice? What is the connection between our work and the Divine?
  • How does our work relate to our identities in empowering or unhelpful ways?
  • What is the relationship between art, craft, and design? How do we approach our work with humility and self respect?
  • How do order and chaos fit into our approach to our work?

Then there will be time just to sit and work together in communion. We have missed the old crafting workshops and would like to create that kind of setting once again. This kind of format will make it easy for people to drop in and for parents who need extra time to settle or pick up their children to slip in or out. Age isn’t a factor in learning or practicing handwork, so incorporating teens will be easy.

Leader Experience

In addition to the two years of leading this workship, both of us have practiced and taught our respective art forms to others many times over the years, and dest co-led a class in beadwork many years ago. Judy has also co-led a workshop in the distant past.

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