Workshop Number: 34
Leaders: Keira Wilson
Who May Register?: Adults Only (high school with permission)
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 10%
Lecture: 25%
Discussion: 40%
Experiential Activities: 25%

Who May Attend?
half gathering attenders welcome

Half-Gathering Attenders Welcome:
First half (Monday-Wednesday)

The future of work is changing and requires a diversity of talents and perspectives. How might our strengths and biases be put to best use in addressing the needs of our emerging world? Through a variety of creative modalities we will explore values and skills and hone your career discernment.

Workshop Description

The world of work has been changing. The future of work requires a diversity of talents, skills, races, genders, and perspectives to have a seat at the table. All of our experiences count. It requires each of us to know what we bring and how our biases impact our ability to be effective in an emerging world. In this workshop participants will embrace their strengths and see the big picture so they can align themselves with an area of need and do more of the work that matters.

Our workshop will cover Life Design philosophy and its approach to career development, a deepening of our personal values and skills, developing clarity around current career trends and where our work connects, and practices key elements for making a assets-based shift in career. During the workshop, we’ll use a range of creative modalities, peer feedback, short assignments to hone our career discernment.

Participants, if able, should bring along a laptop and curious attitude.

Leader Experience

Keira is a full-time celebration enthusiast, civic boundary spanner, and career coach. She is the Assistant Director of Life Design at Johns Hopkins University leveraging creative spaces of service with community through a futurist and feminist lens. She believes we learn who we are through a tenacious pursuit of self-knowledge, the letting go of fear to offer our unique form of generosity, and living genuinely through challenging spaces. Utilizing Quaker values in her work, Keira is a host for The Dinner Party, navigating conversations on grief, and community engagement coordinator of Philadelphia’s only BIPOC LGBT led New Year Brigade, the Vaudevillains.

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