Workshop Number: 18
Leaders: Rashid Darden
Who May Register?: People of Color Only
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 25%
Lecture: 25%
Discussion: 25%
Experiential Activities: 25%

Who May Attend?
part-time attenders welcome (can come any session)
half gathering attenders welcome

Half-Gathering Attenders Welcome:
First half (Monday-Wednesday)
Second half (Wednesday/Thursday-Friday)

Through five distinct workshops, FGC Friends of color will build community by learning more about the historical, spiritual, cultural, and personal traditions of Friends of color in our communities.

Workshop Description

  • Friends of Color Celebrate Black Quaker History
  • Friends of Color Celebrate Worshiping Communities
    • Friends of Color will learn about the various spaces in which they may worship, including Ujima Friends Meeting, Transatlantic Friends, and FGC Friends of Color spaces, as well as practices that work in their home meetings, or other communities.
  • Friends of Color Celebrate Intersectional Identity
    • Friends of Color use a worship sharing format to discuss their intersecting identities, such as ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  • Friends of Color Celebrate Outreach
    • Friends of Color learn how to use tools like social media to share their spiritual journey with the public.  This will be a practical and intergenerational take on various social media tools available to promote our communities and causes.
  • Friends of Color Celebrate Retrospective Justice

As these workshops will be safe space for Friends of Color, we will reserve the right to collectively amend the topics of the day as we are led by the Spirit.  Our conversations will not be censored and our plans will be fluid, free, and unencumbered. Our goal is creating and maintaining community.

Special Note: This workshop has merged with SPICE (+) Up Your Sex Life: Self-Care for BIPOC, which will be the second hour content. Friends not wishing to stay for the second hour will be free to leave.

Leader Experience

Rashid has years of experience as an adult educator and workshop facilitator. He is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington, convenes Transatlantic Friends, and also worships with FGC Friends of Color. He is currently working on a novel about Black Quakers.

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