Workshop Number: 16
Leaders: Bette Hoover
Who May Register?: Open to All
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 20%
Lecture: 10%
Discussion: 30%
Experiential Activities: 40%

Who May Attend?
part-time attenders welcome (can come any session)
half gathering attenders welcome

Half-Gathering Attenders Welcome:
First half (Monday-Wednesday)

Movement and contemplative practices help us quiet the mind and tune into our bodies. As we come into harmony with each other, we are better able to address how racialized trauma is embodied. Learning to recognize how we hold the discomfort leads us to a place where healing can happen.

Workshop Description

Quaker contemplative practices, the work of Resmaa Menakem (My Grandmother’s Hands) and Peter Levin (Waking the Tiger) are resources used to help us become more mindful and body aware. Familiarity with these bodies of knowledge is helpful but not essential prior to the workshop.  We will work with excerpts from these practices as well as real examples of racial injustice that occurs in our communities.  Dress comfortably and come ready to move and meditate, listen and learn as well as give and receive supportive  feedback in community. Bring a journal or notebook and an object that helps you to stay grounded.

Leader Experience

I led a one day workshop as a part of the “sampler” in 2020. At the Gathering in 2019, I led a highly successful workshop called “Activists Building Resilience and Addressing Trauma”.  I have been leading interactive workshops since 1994 when I began working with the Alternatives to Violence Project.  As the director of the AFSC/DC office for over a decade, I led hundreds of workshops on nonviolence, consensus building and much more. 

Bette’s Bio – Bette has been leading interactive workshops for many decades on nonviolence, alternatives to violence, consensus building, trauma healing and racial justice.  She is a long time Friend, a life long activist, a yoga teacher, nurse, massage therapist, mom and mema (grandmother).  Her teachers include Native American elders, wise women, her grandsons and her cats. Bette loves jazz, lives in the woods and is passionate about peace.

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